Drawabout is a storytelling art adventure run by Adam Oliver and Cressida Brown.

I www.drawabout.org I

In this drawing experience, our trained fool host greets members of the general public and gives each of them each drawing materials. As a group, we settle in a particular location and we invite interesting passers-by whom we come across to pose for us and tell us about themselves.

We have never had anyone refuse to be drawn, and the group will spend between 5 and 10 minutes drawing them and hearing what they are prepared to share with us. The host asks the poser to tell specific stories about themselves and these stories will inspire the participants’ drawings. Once the drawing participants are underway with their pictures they take over asking the poser questions.

This event is for everyone, from those who think they can't draw through to seasoned artists. The emphasis is on creating and having fun, not copying exactly what you see but also what you hear. The posers tell their story and we draw it. The posers look at the finished pictures created and get to keep the ones they most like at the end.

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Since 2012 Drawabout have worked at Edinburgh Festival (**** “ a wonderful oddballery of the fringe”, Three Weeks),  Kensington and Chelsea Arts Council, New Horizons People’s Home, East London, InTransit Festival July, Natural History Museum, London, Secret Garden Party, Unicorn Theatre, National Lottery's Big Draw campaign, Wilderness Festival, and the Wellcome Trust