Home, on the Beaumont Estate

Written by Gbolahan Obisesan, Cressida Brown and Emily Randall.
'Home' tells the story of a family living on the Beaumont Estate in the present day, mere months before the planned demolition of the 3 iconic Beaumont Towers in Walthamstow. It is inspired by the words and stories of residents interviewed by Offstage Theatre, which are dramatised to create a unique piece of site-specific work that takes place in real-time as audiences are led around the different rooms of a vacated flat in St Catherine's Tower.

In following the drama as it unfolds, the audience is taken on a tour of the tower - from the communal rubbish shoots to the inside of the family's flat. The urgency lent to the narrative by the impending destruction of the vibrant location in which it is set is made all the more powerful by the ever-changing stage on which the story unfolds, the stage which is the very home of this Beaumont Estate family.

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