Twelfth Night by Shakespeare

Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Centre, China

Part of the Royal Shakespeare Company Translation Project

To be published in 2020

Link to RSC website: I

Actors wore modern dress and acted on an island surrounded by water, a no man’s island of unrequited love. The stage, like a raft afloat at sea, was made of the floorboards of an old theatre stage. Out of this raft an abstract lone tree incongruously grew, its leaves giant scrunched love letters, around which the actors performed. As the story progressed words like “true”, “love” and “echo” became visible on these leaves as they changed colour. Illyria was a tropical place always on the verge of a storm, which seemed apt considering the production coincided with the typhoon that hit Guangzhou.

Director: Cressida Brown

Designer: Jemima Robinson

Assistant Director/Interpreter: Ding Ding